3 Fun Team Building Exercises

Posted on: 21 November 2017

Team building exercises are a good way to help employees improve their skills and work together efficiently. When you are considering new team building exercises, there are several options to keep exercises fun and make employees less apprehensive about playing along, such as:

Mystery Building

Communication is an essential part of team building. Each member to must learn to effectively communicate with each other and trust the people in the workplace. Have a designated person use Lego's to build a simple structure. The structure should be shielded so the teams cannot see what they will build. Only one person at a time from each group can view the structure and report back to the team. Each person on the team should have one opportunity to view the structure and give their teammates information on how to replicate the structure. At the end of the allocated time, everyone has the opportunity to see which group came the closest to recreating the structure.

Assembly Lines

Food can be a fun vehicle for promoting team building and helping team members enhance their skills. Choose a sweet item, such as sugar cookies or plain doughnuts that can be decorated. Try to recruit other employees who are not working on the team building exercises to become customers. Each person on the team can have a designated job, such as adding glaze, sprinkles, or other items to the baked goods. Much like working in a restaurant, someone may call out orders, and the remaining members of the team must work in assembly-line fashion to complete each sweet treat to the customer's specifications. The last task may be placing the item in a bakery box for transport back to the office. Customers can submit evaluations before they leave, so it is easier to determine which team won based on performance.

Online Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items or specific pieces of information that teams can find online. Each team is given a list of clues and must work together to solve each clue and find the appropriate item or information online. One way this type of scavenger hunt can be useful is if you have teams who work remotely. You might require them to ask questions and give their suggestions via email or live chat, much like how they would work together. If you typically use online collaboration tools, such as word processing software with online, real-time editing, try to find a way to incorporate the software. Maybe each team member can update their thoughts using the editing system instead of sending an email or using the live chat. This task can help with both communication and collaboration, regardless of whether your employees work remotely or in an office.

Team building exercises are an easy way to improve the way employees work together. Although many employees may be apprehensive about playing games, they may find they are a fun escape from the typical workday. 

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