Ideas To Use For A Magic-Themed Wedding Reception

Posted on: 25 August 2016

If you going to be hosting a magic-themed wedding reception to celebrate you and your partner's recent marriage, the following ideas can be incorporated in your plans to help make the event successful and enjoyable for everyone who attends.

Decorate Furniture And Install Lighting

Rent furniture and lighting  from a party rental company for guests to use while dining or mingling with others. Cover tables with black or white tablecloths to give them a uniform appearance. Purchase pieces of fabric that are printed with a magic-themed design if you would like the tables to be adorned with homemade tablecloths. Pieces of fabric can also be used to make a wall hanging or decorative border over the door leading to the reception area.

Install strings of lights around various portions of the room. When it is time to provide your guests with entertainment, dim standard lights in the room so that the strings of lights are showcased.

Prepare Centerpieces

Use top hats as the base of each centerpiece that will placed on the middle of each table that guests will be sitting at. Place the hats so that the flat part of each one is facing downwards. Fill the hats with colorful scarves and plush rabbits so that they are representative of magicians hats and some popular tricks that are often performed. Arrange the items so that they are sticking out of each centerpiece. Use long, thin pieces of tubing that are covered with black paper to signify magic wands. Insert the end of one or two wands in each hat.

Hire An Entertainer To Perform Magic Tricks

Hire a magician to provide your guests with entertainment. If you do not have enough funds to hire a professional, a close friend or family member may be willing to perform some basic tricks at the reception. Create a makeshift stage for them to stand on while performing tricks. A wooden pallet that has a rug or piece of fabric placed over it can be used to do this.

Announce the entertainer's arrival on a portable microphone. Ask the magician, prior to their arrival, if you or your spouse can assist with any of the magic tricks if you would like to take part in the performance. 

With careful planning and some creativity, the wedding reception will be a success and you, your spouse, and invitees will enjoy the uniqueness of the celebration.