How To Encourage Dancing At Your Next Outdoor Event

Posted on: 11 August 2016

When you've gone to the trouble of hosting and arranging an outdoor event, you want to take the next step and make sure everyone has a good time. If you're like most party hosts, having people dance at your event is a good sign that your guests are enjoying themselves. But how exactly do you encourage people to get up and dance?

Provide a Comfortable Dance Floor

Female attendees at your party will likely be wearing high heels. Dancing in high heels is practically impossible on grass or dirt. Party rental supply stores, like Party People Rentals & Sales for example, can provide portable dance floors for your outdoor event. Your party rental dance floor options will include size and appearance. The size of the dance floor will be determined by the number of guests you've invited. The material and appearance of the dance floor are up to your party theme, personal preference, and budget.

Place Dance Floor Seating

Dancers sometimes tire and want to sit down in between songs. To discourage dancers from going all the way back to their dining table, place small tables and chairs alongside the dance floor. These will be suitable for small breaks in between dancing sessions and allow the dancing guests to quickly move back onto the dance floor without missing their favorite tune.

Provide a Wide Variety of Music

Your guests will likely have a wide variety of musical tastes, so why not appeal to everyone's taste in music? Plan a playlist that includes a selection of music that everyone will feel inclined to dance to, at least for a portion of the night.

Invest in a Good Sound System

If the music is too loud, your guests won't want to be anywhere near the stage where the speakers are. If the music is too soft, it will be too easy to ignore the music, and it won't make them want to dance to the tunes. If you hire a DJ for your outdoor event, ask if he supplies his own sound system and get the details on what that is. Do the same with any live band that you hire. If your musical entertainers don't supply a sound system or sound engineer, it's worth calling up a local sound company and hiring a person to come out and manage the sound system for your outdoor event.

These suggestions for encouraging your guests to dance at your outdoor event will certainly help everyone to have a great time!